The NBN debacle

NBN Internet Debacle

Problems with the NBN rollout

Changes, updates and delays are becoming the new norm of internet technology in Australia. The confusion behind the NBN debacle as business tries to keep their customers and business partners updated is constantly being reported in circumstances of failure and technology collapse.

NBN Co has confirmed the reasons for the wireless internet failures from its network is from an abundance of congestion on its network [that] will“fluctuate”– or increase – when it removes a temporary price offer at the end of this month [October].1

From this reasoning, it has been reported that hundreds of customers of wireless ISPs in Australia, including Telstra, have suffered internet failure for up to 10 hours a day.2 One report from Australian Telecom Services showed a Brisbane-West customer losing internet every day in one week from 8:10 am until 6pm.3 The reasoning given by Telstra for this internet disturbance was simply blaming the NBN network instead of getting to the root of the problem.4

We understand the frustration that occurs when customers have delays and are disconnected from the internet. The snowball effect from this is that business suffers, the economy suffers and often, customers are left with no answers and the same routine the next time a wireless failure occurs.

Confusion, frustration and feeling disconnected around the NBN changes are just some of the ways customers in Asutralia are feeling from their poor internet connection and the lack of communication from their ISPs. Responsibility and accountability are two qualities missing from today’s ISP’s. Customers deserve to be kept up-to-date with communication from their wireless ISP and to future solutions for the same problem.

However, this isn’t often the case with Australian wireless ISPs. Polyfone is different and we understand the need to communicate with our customers, to show respect in the wireless solutions we provide and to always keep our customers connected to the internet and to their business operations.

Polyfone is the answer to get your business up and running and staying connected. At Polyfone, we’re passionate about our high-terrestrial microwave network, our innovative wireless services and our creative wireless internet solution packages available. As an Australian owned business, we understand the importance of having a reliable internet source so your business functions can communicate with your customers throughout all your business hours and beyond.

The Polyfone team is proud to be a leading wireless ISP in Australia and enjoys the recognition our team gets from our valued and dedicated customers. Polyfone customer feedback forms one of our core values in being an experienced wireless ISP in Australia.

Customer feedback includes us listening to the experiences of our customers when dealing with us. One customer told us it was so easy to talk to Polyfone. They understood my concerns and gave me the answers I needed without the tech talk.’ The Polyfone team is always all ears for hearing customer concerns and feedback. We value each customer’s time and commitment to being a Polyfone customer and choosing us as their wireless ISP.

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