Rural customer builds his own 20m pole for high speed Fixed Wireless Internet


When Cornerstone Building Certification wanted to move services to the cloud and adopted Software as a Service (SaaS) based applications, they needed high capacity, low latency, quality Internet connectivity.  The challenge was they were located in a rural area north west of Brisbane with no options for a business grade guaranteed performance service and a lack of suitable NBN services. 


After years of wrestling with the big telcos to get a reasonable quality of service, Chris decided to team up with Polyfone and take matters into his own hands.  With experience in the building industry Chris built his own 20m steal pole for the delivery of Polyfone Internet over a 23Km high capacity Fixed Microwave link. 


When admiring the pole, Chris says “She is a beauty!!!!! We were able to work collaboratively with the Polyfone Engineers to find a high-quality solution and build it together.” 


Chris says “Locals supporting locals is what it’s all about.  We can now put a call in directly to a local, accessible and experienced team. The after-install service has been exemplary.”    


“Our Internet service is now stable and has allowed us to implement a total move of our onsite services and telephony to the cloud.” 


Polyfone provided a Fixed Wireless / Fixed Microwave Internet service, cloud hosted PABX system as well as technical design and integration services for this project. 


For any rural businesses on the fringe of the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba or the Gold Coast region looking for high quality business grade services with 10x the capacity of the NBN, reach out to one of our team members to design and build a solution with you just like with did with Chris.