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Queensland’s most extensive independently built Fixed Microwave Wholesale network

Since we built the network – we control the speeds and quality. Better and faster connectivity. End to end visibility and control by our local Queensland team. 10 x the speed of the NBN – The Polyfone Power that others just don’t have.

We provide super-fast speeds

Deal directly with the licenced carrier and network owner

Polyfone is first and foremost a wholesale data communications provider. We enable you, our wholesale partner with high-speed, reliable Microwave, fibre, NBN and telephony solutions so that you can provide the very best outcomes for your business customers.

The Polyfone Microwave network provides more coverage and capacity in South East Queensland than the rest of the industry combined. The Polyfone Microwave network provides speeds 10 to 100 times faster than the NBN and is a genuine alternative network. We simply enable you to solve more problems than your competitors.

Ready to help you help your customers

We are flexible in the way we work with partners

Wholesale Partners are able to white label and resell our services as part of their overall network solution for industry leading reoccurring margins. We integrate our core network with our partners at either layer 2 or provide services at layer 3. Our experienced sales team who are all highly experienced Engineers support you all the way.

Referral Partners provide Polyfone with introductions to their business customers where the solution fit is right. Polyfone designs and engages with the customer in consultation with the partner who is provided with a referral bonus. We then continue to collaborate for the ongoing success of the customers business.

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Typical wholesale customers include

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