Meet Tammy from Polyfone

Polyfone Family Tammy

Every now and then, we will showcase some of the Polyfone family here on our website and via social media. We are putting a face to the person you speak to on the phone, on email or before we come to your business to set up your business internet services.

Our first team member, Tammy, our Account Manager is the first cab off the rank.

How long have you been with the Polyfone family?

I’m a newbie, since July 2018.

What’s the one question you get asked often about Polyfone?

“Where does polyfone get their internet from to sell it to us?” People don’t realise, that Polyfone has built their own infrastructure, they seem to think we buy from Telstra or another one of the big guys. I’m proud to say, we’ve built our own infrastructure, we own our own infrastructure and our staff are all here in Australia!

What does your role at Polyfone involve?

Lots of things! Management of existing accounts, new sales, working with our wholesale partners, organising the advertising and promotions, assisting with social media and whatever other odd jobs may pop up around the office.

What is one thing that people do not know about you?

I take my dog Frankie into the office with me one day a week (I pretend he’s my P.A. for the day 🙄) There are only so many mornings in a week I can handle him looking pathetically at me as I walk out the front door.