Polyfone Complaints Policy – December 2020


Defining a complaint

A complaint is when you one of our valued customers tell us you are unhappy with the products or services we provide.  This is based on our products or services not meeting the expectations set at in our agreement. This could include how we handle your reported faults via our helpdesk or interactions with our staff. If our service is not providing the premium experience we are aiming for we greatly appreciate you providing us with this feedback.

We aim to resolve any complaints right away, however sometimes we may not be able to find a quick resolution.


To make a complaint

Complaints can be reported to us via our helpdesk.

Phone 1300 767 125 Monday to Friday business hours

Email helpdesk@polyfone.com.au

In person or via post at Unit 49, 28 Burnside Road Yatala, Qld 4207


We request that your contact details be provided as well as detailed information in regard to the complaint, including dates, key events, the impact to you and the desired specific actions you would like us to take.

If accessibility is an issue, you can also use these Australian Government provides services to help make your complaint:

National Relay Service: 133677

Translating & Interpreting Service: 131450


Our process once you make a complaint

1.     Case number assigned. We will assign a case number / ticket number to your complaint.  This will be done and provided to you within 2 business days.

2.     Initial assessment. Based on your provided information we will classify the complaint as P1 (high priority) or P2 (normal priority).  High priority complaints are those that:

a.     Relate to a service that is disconnected and we have not followed correct process;

b.     You have applied for financial hardship and our service has significantly contributed to your financial hardship; or

c.     Relate to a priority assistance service.

3.     Investigation. Where we cannot resolve a complaint right away, our next steps are to:

a.     Gather further detail and analyse the situation with our relevant teams;

b.     Contact you within 15 working days (target 2 days for urgent complaints) to discuss the resolution or your complaint and if needed gather further information;

c.     Implement any agreed actions within 10 business days, unless:

                                               i.     you have agreed otherwise, or

                                             ii.     you have not yet completed something you agreed to do or are required to do to help us understand or resolve the complaint, or

                                            iii.     the complaint relates to a mass outage, or

                                            iv.     the complaint related to a 3rd party provided service, or

                                              v.     You are not following the troubleshooting advice from our helpdesk.


Monitoring your complaint

We will provide regular updates to you on how your complaint is progressing but if

you wish to check in at any stage on how things are going, please contact us (as above).

If you are not happy with our proposals or progress at any stage, you can go to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.


Complaint Closure

Once your complaint has been resolved, we will let you know. We will not close a complaint until you have agreed it has been resolved (unless there are special circumstances – see “attempts to make contact” and “frivolous or vexatious complaints” below).

If you wish to close your complaint at any time, please contact us (as above).


What if you’re not happy with our process?

You can ask us to escalate your complaint if you’re not satisfied with what we are doing, or you think it’s reasonable that your complaint be treated as urgent. In both instances, we will escalate your complaint to our CEO for consideration and response.

·      If you ask for an escalation, we’ll respond within 5 working days

·      If you ask for an upgrade to urgent, we’ll respond within 2 working days


Attempts to make contact

If we can’t contact you via your preferred method, we will write to you with details of our attempts and a request to contact us.

If you don’t respond within 10 working days, we will consider your complaint resolved.


Frivolous or vexatious complaints

Sometimes, after careful consideration, we may decide that:

·      we are unable to do anything further to resolve your complaint or assist you

·      your behaviour or complaint is frivolous or vexatious

If we decide this, we’ll tell you within 5 working days of making this decision and give you the reasons behind it.


If you are unsatisfied

If at any point you are unsatisfied with our handling of your complaint, progress or outcome you can:

·      contact us and we will escalate your complaint internally, or

·      opt for an external dispute resolution such as the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (noting the TIO may request you contact us first).

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman can be contacted by:

·      Phone: 1800 062 058

·      Fax: 1800 630 614

·      Online: http://www.tio.com.au/making-a-complaint