Christmas Business Internet Connections

Christmas Internet Connections

Polyfone is a leading wireless internet provider for Australia and we pride ourselves in operating year-round to create constant connection and communication for our customers. That’s why we’re excited to announce we will be continuing our installation services over the Christmas holidays in 2018.

We understand the Christmas break means new moves, new electronic products and more importantly for your businesses to continue growing into the new year. That’s why Polyfone is thrilled to announce we’re not affected by the embargo period other internet service providers restricted to. This will allow our Polyfone team to create new installations for our valued customers over the holiday and new year period.

The annual embargo period is for communication providers which are scheduled for ‘7 am AEDT Friday 14th December 2018 until 7 am AEDT Friday 11th January 2019’ to cover network restrictions including installations. However, we want to continue to provide our high quality and personalised experience with our current and future customers – especially over the holiday and new year period.

We’re excited to continue serving our customers over the year-end period in December 2018 and January 2019 for new installations, updates and other wireless solutions. The Polyfone team understands in every business – the end of the year is always the busiest, most rushed and can be often a stressful time. Polyfone’s goal is to ensure our wireless services provide you with constant communication and connection within your business and household all year round.

Whether you’re moving into a new office, starting a business over the embargo period, or becoming our new customer – Polyfone will always provide fast and secure installations for our customers.

Polyfone is not affected by the telecommunications embargo and our experienced team is readily available to provide our customers with wireless services including new installations during the holidays. As a leading ISP in Queensland, the Polyfone team understands the importance of staying connected with your business, family and personal matters – especially through the peak holiday period. We’re happy to provide our wireless services to our customers over the embargo period, and for Polyfone to continue to lead the industry in customer service and provide new installations year-round.