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Why does my business need to upgrade its PABX?

Upgrade to a Cloud Hosted PABX

The Polyfone Hosted PABX system provides businesses with all the features of a traditional onsite PABX plus more, without the maintenance cost or risk associated with owning and maintaining your own onsite hardware.

  • Avoid the risk of onsite phone systems failure
  • Gain new features such as mobility via smartphone apps
  • Reduce telephony costs
  • Avoid the NBN copper disconnect or ISDN shutdown disruption
  • Consolidate and better integrate multiple offices for increased business efficiency
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Business Grade VoIP

Polyfone’s business voice, hosted PABX and VoIP systems offer pitch perfect sound. In addition, we have made some major investments to offer a business communication solution that can scale up to suit any sized business or level of complexity.

A poorly engineered business VoIP system, coupled with a bad internet connection, can cause an enormous amount of stress to any business owner. The combination of Polyfone Internet and Polyfone Hosted PABX solves this with a single provider taking end to end responsibility.

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Benefits of choosing Polyfone for your cloud telephony solution

  • Hosted PBX – the system is hosted in our data centre reducing your hardware support costs and risk.
  • Polyfone will keep the system ever green – lifetime upgrades without phone tech maintenance fees!
  • Access to all features and any future new features are included.
  • Full control of any moves, add’s and changes (MAC’s) at no extra cost via your own portal. Make changes when you need to.
  • Co-managed system so you can contact our team for help at any time without cost.
  • Use the system from the office, home or even your smartphone. 
  • Ability to centralise and share reception duties across multiple offices.
  • Our local and accessible support team are here to help.

Best of all, if Polyfone also supplies your internet and you’re experiencing phone and/or internet problems, you know who to call. In other words, you’ve got one bum to kick and that sure saves precious time.

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