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Why does my business need to upgrade our voice and PABX to the NBN?

Polyfone’s new business voice, pabx & VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution solves any problems associated with the disconnection of older systems. With the change to VoIP, the Polyfone team has engineered a solution which significantly reduces the risk of having phone failures in your business operations, keeping our valued customers always connected.

A poorly engineered VoIP system, coupled with a bad internet connection, can cause an enormous amount of stress to any business owner. Furthermore, it makes the job of connecting to your customers even more difficult.

Business voice & VoIP Systems

Polyfone’s business voice, hosted pabx and VoIP systems offer pitch perfect sound. In addition, we have made some major investments to offer a business communication solution to suit any sized businesses needs.

In fact we chose to make those changes in the best interest of our customers as we are aware of the challenges that businesses are facing with the disruptions caused by the removal of older telephone systems. These old systems have been ultra reliable, however moving forward, VoIP can be erratic and full of unexpected problems if not engineered and executed correctly.

Polyfone takes great pride in the implementation of Business-grade VoIP Systems to keep your business running smoothly. Speak with us today to discuss the best solution for your business voice/VoIP.

Polyfone has found an innovative solution to combat any problems associated with the disconnection of older systems by providing our business customers with our business voice, pabx & VoIP Systems.  Furthermore,  our Hosted PBX/VoIP systems can allow our team to remotely monitor and manage all functions of this system for your business. The communication quality is pristine and strong for an easy and secure connection.

Furthermore, Polyfone has everything VoIP covered, from extensive testing processes and monitoring of systems to knowing exactly where to look should an unlikely problem arise. In addition, we offer our own sip trunks, host our own high quality PBX,  own our own internet network and more. We are the experts in VoIP systems, with over 30 years of cutting edge internet technology experience. Moreover, we can offer the solution that your business needs transforming your business internet and business voice into a seamless communication system.

Our team are experts in the design, implementation and maintenance of business communication. This brings forth a new era of effortless collaboration among team members. Built to allow you to make call logs, call hold, call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, music on hold, call conferencing and so much more while delivering perfect sound.

Benefits of choosing Polyfone for your VoIP systems;
  • Hosted PBX – this will take away the costs associated with owning and operating your own PBX down to $0.
  • Polyfone will keep the PBX fully maintained, the result, $0 in maintenance fees!
  • No need to pay a third party to make MAC’s on your behalf, again, saving more $.
  • Additionally, since the PBX isn’t hosted at your site, you’ll be saving on electricity and insurance costs of running a PABX.
  • In the event of power surges resulting in a dead PABX, we’ll fix it at zero cost to you.

Best of all, if Polyfone also supplies your internet and you’re experiencing phone and/or internet problems, you know who to call. In other words, you’ve got one bum to kick and that sure saves precious time.