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As a leading ISP in Australia, Polyfone have made some major investments and now offers creative Voice/VoIP solutions to suit any sized business’ needs.
We chose to make these changes in the best interest of our customers to avoid the disruptions currently being caused by the disconnection and removal of older systems, including PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network). These old systems have been ultra reliable, however moving forward, VoIP can be erratic and full of unexpected problems if not engineered and executed correctly.
Polyfone takes great pride in the implementation of high quality VoIP and hosted PABX to keep your phones and business running smoothly. Speak with us today to discuss the best solution for your business’ voice/VoIP.

Why does my business need to upgrade our voice and PABX to the NBN?

Polyfone’s new Hosted PABX/VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solves any problems associated with the disconnection of older systems, including failure in telephone lines and having unplanned disruptions to your voice services.

With the change to VoIP, the Polyfone team has engineered a solution which significantly reduces the risk of having phone failures in your business operations, keeping our valued customers always connected. With poorly engineered VoIP, if the internet has a failure, so do the phone lines. This causes an enormous amount of stress to any business owner and makes it difficult to have strong and secure communications with your customers and business partners.

Furthermore, poor call quality from badly engineered systems causes a variety of defects from bad latency, jittering sounds, router misconfiguration, switching errors in your local area network (LAN), no QoS (Quality of Service) to internet and subsequent phone dropouts to name a few problems. Can your business afford to experience this? Contact us today to discuss a quality VoIP solution for your business.

Polyfone Voip Business Voice Solutions

The Polyfone Voice Solution

Polyfone has found an innovative solution to combat any problems associated with the disconnection of older systems by providing our business customers with Hosted PBX/VoIP solutions.  With our VoIP systems, the Polyfone team can supply, monitor and manage all functions of this system for your business. Any unexpected problems have now been resolved with Polyfone’s Hosted PBX/VoIP systems. The communication quality is pristine and strong for an easy and secure connection.

The reasons for the phone and internet failures from badly engineered VoIP systems are difficult to uncover. From a financial standpoint, it gets expensive to find the problem and then fix the problem with poor systems. In addition, business and local economies can suffer from the communication downtime including disruptions in phone and internet connections. The wait time for repairs is excessive and the cost puts strains on small and start-up businesses.

Polyfone has everything VoIP covered, from extensive testing processes and monitoring of systems to knowing exactly where to look should an unlikely problem arise. In addition, we offer our own sip trunks, host our own high quality PBX,  own our own internet network and more. We are the experts in VoIP technology, and along with over 30 years of leading edge internet technology experience, we can offer the solution that your business needs.

Should a problem arise, instead of having to phone an internet provider, PBX supplier, as well as other links in your VoIP chain, wasting your time, energy and money, customers can have one number to call: the Polyfone team. With direct access to the Hosted PBX/VoIP system, we can uncover and find a solution to our customer’s problem from our business office – instead of wasting your valuable time and money maintaining poorly engineered systems, we can now get you connected properly and fully monitored by our highly experienced Polyfone team.

Transform your business internet and phone system into a seamless communication system with our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. Our team are experts in the design, implementation and maintenance of business communication that brings forth a new era of effortless collaboration among team members.

Built to allow you to make call logs, call hold, call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer voicemail to email, music on hold, call conferencing and so much more while delivering perfect sound.

Due to the end of copper lines, all businesses will require a new PABX and new IP ready phones.

The purchase of these can cost thousands depending on how many phones are needed, the type of PABX purchased, not to mention the setup costs!

Polyfone can help ease the pain by supplying business’ with their own Hosted PBX, as well as great wholesale pricing on new IP ready phones.

Some of the benefits of utilising Polyfone for your VoIP are as follows:

  • Supply and hosting of a PBX. This will take the costs associated with owning and operating your own PBX down to $0.
  • Polyfone will keep the PBX fully maintained, the result, $0 in maintenance fees!
  • You will have full control of any moves, add’s and changes (MAC’s) at no extra cost via your own portal. *See attached MAC’s list.
  • You will not be paying a third party to make MAC’s on your behalf, again, saving more $.
  • As the PBX isn’t hosted at your site, you’ll be saving on the electricity and insurance costs usually associated with running a PABX.
  • Bad weather? Worried about a storm causing major power surges resulting in a dead PABX? (yes, this happens!) As we take full responsibility of the PABX, any problems, we’ll fix it at zero cost to you.

And here’s the clincher, if Polyfone supplies your internet too and you’re experiencing phone and/or internet problems, you know who to call. In other words, you’ve got one bum to kick and that sure saves precious time, rather than being given the runaround by multiple providers all blaming each other.

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