About Us

Polyfone is an Australian privately owned internet service provider (ISP) which has been connecting local business for over 15 years, specialists in providing high speed business internet and VoIP solutions through our own microwave wireless network. For this reason we can always guarantee an above average up-time of 99.5% that offers you symmetrical download and upload speeds which are backed up by an Enterprise-grade SLA.

The Polyfone team’s target goal is to always ensure our customers have the clearest and strongest internet connection. Hence, we operate our own high-capacity terrestrial microwave network. Aside from our native microwave network, we also offer Fibre and NBN solutions Australia wide.  We have multiple data centres located in Brisbane CBD and Sydney for easy communication and supply functions for our Polyfone customers.

Why trust Polyfone with your business-critical internet needs?
  • 100% Australian owned and operated licensed carrier that continuously grows the network footprint.
  • We are constantly upgrading and expanding our microwave network.
  • We are experts in microwave technology with over 30 years experience.
  • Polyfone also offers Fibre and NBN services Australia wide
  • We can provide the full range of voice and data services via our own ‘HFM’ Hybrid Fibre Microwave network.
  • Our HFM network has the widest privately held, all packet based, HFM delivered coverage in Australia and one of only a handful nationally.
  • We currently provide Ultra-High-Speed Internet Services to approximately 20 private schools, a multitude of businesses and to other carriers as a wholesale L2 offering.
  • Polyfone has the ability to deploy services quickly and we have support team available 24/7 which enables us to resolve any faults quickly.
  • We guarantee 99.5% uptime and 1:1 contention ratio every time.
Installations and back-up service

Our team is available 24/7 to provide you with ongoing support, creative technology solutions and a premium Microwave, Fibre or NBN service to suit your needs. Furthermore, we can deploy services super fast depending on the complexity of the installation. Polyfone’s main goal is to deliver exceptional service to all local business through innovative technology and a superior quality service.

We will work within our business customers’ budgets to provide leading internet solutions to keep you endlessly connected whether you are a start-up small business or a large business needing wide-ranging internet coverage – here at Polyfone we have it all.

The services that Polyfone offers include:

• Fibre – Australia wide
• HFM (Microwave) – Polyfone’s own native network
• Business Voice (VoIP) – Australia wide
• Bonding – Australia wide
• NBN – Where available
• SIP Trunks – Australia wide

Find your internet solution today with Polyfone’s and secure a customer focused high speed internet connection that’s Australian owned.